The LinkedIn Guide Pack - Grow your LinkedIn Audience & Attract Clients

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Learn the methods I used to grow to 100k Linkedin followers.

✅ Turn your LinkedIn profile into an Automatic Selling Machine

✅ Attract & Convert your ideal customers with ZERO selling

✅ Connect with the biggest names in your industry

✅ Create scroll-stopping carousels

LinkedIn is quickly becoming the "secret weapon" for smart entrepreneurs.

The platform allows anyone to reach thousands of customers with every post.

But make no mistake - competition is fierce.

While some will generate $10k+ a month, most will spend years posting content that no one reads.

If you're ready to take advantage of the opportunity LinkedIn offers,

The LinkedIn Guide Pack can help you.

These are the exact methods I used to grow to 50k in one year, and earn over $20,000 a month.

You'll get lifetime access, including updates I add as I refine my techniques.

The pack includes ALL my LinkedIn guides:

LinkedIn Profile Guides

  • The LinkedIn Banner Guide
  • Attract & Convert with your Headline
  • The LinkedIn Featured guide
  • LinkedIn About Section Secrets
  • Experience Section Selling Secrets

Content Creation Guides

  • LinkedIn Secrets of the Algorithm 2024
  • LinkedIn Content for Dummies
  • Content Gardens
  • Life Stories
  • How I Get 100k Views on LinkedIn
  • The Perfect Post Checklist
  • LinkedIn Formatting guide
  • The Forever 50

Carousel Guides

  • The Simple Guide to Carousels
  • LinkedIn Carousel Secrets


  • The LinkedIn Networking Guide
  • The LinkedIn Comment Guide

PLUS LinkedIn Specs and Canva Templates

You'll learn:

✔️ How to stand out with unique, compelling content

✔️ A step-by-step guide to creating scroll-stopping carousels

✔️ How to connect with the biggest names in your industry

✔️ How to create evergreen content and beat "content anxiety"

✔️ How to turn your LinkedIn profile into an Automatic Selling Machine

✔️ Attract & Convert your ideal customers with ZERO selling

✔️ How to avoid what most people get wrong with their LinkedIn profile

✔️ My 8 step formula for getting 100k+ views per week

✔️ How to never run out of content ideas

Exclusive Templates:

Along with the guides, you'll get exclusive templates including:

  • Linkedin About Section Template
  • Canva Carousel Template
  • Content for Dummies Template
  • LinkedIn Featured Section Templates
  • Life Stories Content Template
  • Linkedin Post Checklist
  • Linkedin Specs Guide

These techniques work.

Here are some of the results my private clients are getting utilizing my methods:

"220 Likes Per Post"
"After working with Sam, my engagement skyrocketed. From getting 10-20 likes and a few comments on every post, my first two carousels saw 220+ likes, 80+ comments, and 15+ reposts — with 500 new followers."

- Pelle Sundin, B2B Saas Copywriter

"My Post Reached Over 100k People"
“Within a month of working with Sam, I increased my Linkedin following by 1500 and had a post reach over 100k people."

- Tamsin Simounds, Leadership Strategist

"Booked My First Speaking Gig & 3 Leads"
"Within 48 hours of making the profile changes Sam suggested, I booked my first speaking gig, and received 3 promising inbound leads. Total gamechanger."

- Tony Albrecht - Agency Owner

"Spoke on a Prestigious Panel"
"After my call with Sam, I got 8K impressions on a post (3X more than ever before). I was invited to participate as an expert on a prestigious panel, and received an invitation to make a chapter contribution as an AI pricing expert!"

- George Boretos - CEO & Founder

Create Scroll-Stopping Carousels

Carousels have been crucial to my success on LinkedIn.

In this simple guide, I walk you through my process, step by step.

I also share a simple Canva template you can use to get started.

Connect with Your Industry Leaders

LinkedIn is an essential tool for networking...if you know how.

Through trial and error, I discovered what works.

I've been able to build relationships with literally anyone through networking strategically.

Create Evergreen Content and Beat "Content Anxiety"

What if you could create content you can post over and over, and get great results every time?

You can. And I'll show you exactly how I do it.

Turn your LinkedIn profile into an Automatic Selling Machine

Your LinkedIn profile is a powerful selling tool.

It's a 24/7 salesperson (and it's free).

I'll walk you through how to do it, with templates for all the design-y bits.

Attract & Convert your ideal customers with ZERO selling

Confession - I don't do ANY cold outreach.

My content does the selling for me.

I'll show you how you can "sell without selling".

My 8 step formula for getting 100k+ views per week

There's a formula for success on LinkedIn.

Once you know it, you'll never go back to the old way.

BONUS 1 - Canva Templates

✔️ Get Canva Templates for EVERYTHING on LinkedIn

BONUS 2 - Content for Dummies Template

✔️ Generate 50+ Content Ideas (that actually work)

BONUS 3 - Secrets of the Algorithm

✔️ How to work with the algorithm to succeed on LinkedIn

✔️ Avoid getting penalized

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The LinkedIn Guide Pack - Grow your LinkedIn Audience & Attract Clients

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