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Automatic LinkedIn Content - 30 Proven LinkedIn Post Templates

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Automatic LinkedIn Content - 30 Proven LinkedIn Post Templates

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Use the templates I used to grow to 100k LinkedIn followers

✅ 30 handcrafted LinkedIn post templates

✅ 30 examples of exactly how I would use them

✅ Instantly actionable

✅ Suitable for any niche

✅ Written by an actual human (zero AI)

This is the post quality I used to grow my audience to 100k followers on LinkedIn.

Automatic LinkedIn Content makes it easy for anyone, in any niche, to create professional quality LinkedIn content.

Create unique, high quality content your audience will love in minutes, not hours.

What is it?

Automatic LinkedIn Content is 30 full length, high quality LinkedIn post templates.

Each template comes with an example of how I would use it, so you can see exactly what to do.

Who is this for?

Automatic LinkedIn Content has two purposes:

If you’ve never posted on LinkedIn, these posts will help you break the seal, and get started.

If you’re already posting, Automatic LinkedIn Content is for those days when you want to post, but you’re short on time, motivation, or ideas. Just grab a post from the list, add your unique perspective, and you’re good to go.

What Makes It Different?

My goal was to create LinkedIn templates so good, I would use them myself.

After 120+ hours painstakingly creating each of these posts, that is the standard I've achieved.

Buy it risk-free: If you don't get results after using all 30 posts, I'll refund you.

Want to See The Templates?

I think the best way to illustrate what you're getting is to share a couple of templates.

You'll get 30 posts of this quality.

Here's Template 1 - My Top X Challenges as a (ROLE)

And here's Template 2 - My (Imperfect) Morning Routine

My Guarantee

It took me around three months to create Automatic LinkedIn Content - by far the longest I’ve spent on a digital product to date. Every post was meticulously crafted with great attention to detail, from the first line to the last.

But I want you to feel 100% confident when you purchase, so I've created a guarantee to ensure your complete satisfaction:

Try Automatic LinkedIn Content for 90 days, with ZERO risk.

If after 90 days, you haven't seen results with these posts, I'll refund you AND give you a 30 minute LinkedIn consultation worth $295, free of charge.

Simple as that.

Ready to Grow?

Get Automatic LinkedIn Content now, and get growing!

Sam Browne

July 2024

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