THE HOOK BOOK V2 - Create LinkedIn Hooks That Actually Work

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Writing a truly great hook is extremely difficult.

Let The Hook Book do the hard work for you.

✅ 50 hooks that work for ANY niche

✅ 150 examples of exactly how to use them

✅ Simply copy and paste

✅ Get 5-10X better post engagement

Every top creator has mastered the art of great hooks.

They're the key to getting outrageously high views on every post.

But posting without knowing exactly how to write a great hook can be brutal.

All your hard work is for nothing if no one reads what you wrote.

The Hook Book makes it easy to consistently maximize your results.

With The Hook Book, you can simply one of 150 possible hook combinations, and post with confidence.

These are the exact hooks I use to generate $20k+ a month on LinkedIn.

You'll get lifetime access, including updates I add as I refine my techniques.

You'll get:

✔️ 50 expertly crafted hooks you can easily copy and paste into your posts

✔️ 150 variations on how to use the hooks for maximum impact

✔️ 200 copywriting "power words" for crafting insanely strong hooks

✔️ My personal swipefile of hooks by LinkedIn's top creators

✔️ Hook Writing Secrets - 11 tips for crafting top performing hooks

The Surprising Truth Behind Linkedin Success

Have you ever wondered why Linkedin's top creators consistently attract thousands of likes, comments and followers on Linkedin?

What is their secret?

What do Linkedin’s most successful creators do differently?

Stop Making This Mistake

If you’re like most people on Linkedin, you’re working hard on every post, but not seeing results.

Your content is great. You’re an expert in your field. 

And yet… time and again, you hit post, then watch as your content disappears without a trace.

A handful of views. No comments. No new followers.

Here’s the Truth

“Just write good content” is bad advice.

Good content alone is not enough.

Your hook needs to be great, or no one will read it.

The #1 reason I see people struggling to grow on Linkedin is they have no idea how to write great hooks.

So let's change that. ✅

Examples from The Hook Book

Here are 3 examples taken from the Hook Book.

Would 50 hooks like this help you succeed on Linkedin?

[NICHE] Success - My Proven Technique

Stockmarket Success - My Proven Technique

The Cheat Code for Wall St success 💰

Notion Success - My Proven Technique

8 Simple Tips To Save You Time ⏰

Web Design Success - My Proven Technique

Guaranteed to increase your conversions 📈

How to Arouse The Curiosity of [MARKET]

How to Arouse The Curiosity of CEOS

Stop leaving money on the table 🪑

How to Arouse The Curiosity of Candidates

(This is almost too effective) ❌ 

How to Arouse The Curiosity of Developers

My step by step method ✅

[NUMBER] [NICHE] Techniques that Will Hypnotize Your Clients

7 SEO Techniques that Will Hypnotize Your Clients

(Learn them before your competitors do) 🏃

10 Copywriting Techniques that Will Hypnotize Your Clients

This took me 5+ years to figure out ⏰

7 Sales Techniques that Will Hypnotize Your Clients

(We achieved a 78% conversion rate) 💰

What they're saying:

Ready to Explode your Linkedin Audience?

Over the past 18 months, I became obsessed with how the best creators used proven copywriting techniques to create insanely high converting hooks.

Once I mastered the formula for crafting hooks that kill, my audience grew rapidly.

It works like clockwork.

I hit 50,000 followers in my first year on Linkedin.

I’m on track to hit 100,000 less than a year later.

Today, I'm offering you 50 hooks written with that exact formula.

Here's what's included:

The Hook Book

50 Hooks + 150 Examples

I spent a month painstakingly crafting 50 hooks that will supercharge your Linkedin posts, and explode your audience.

Each hook comes with 3 examples so you can see exactly how to use it for your posts.

You get 50 hooks, and 150 examples of what these hooks should look like when used “in the field”.

But that’s not all....

The Copywriter’s Collection

200 power words

The Hook Book also comes with the Copywriter’s Collection - over 200 power words to create urgency, show authority, create desire and much more. 

The Copywriter’s Collection includes 30 examples of how to use these power words in your hooks.

Want even more? Ok.

The Creator Hook Pack

My personal swipe file of 90+ creator hooks

I’m including the Creator Hook Pack - my personal swipe file of over 90 hooks used by some of Linkedin’s most popular creators. 

Each one includes the hook itself, how the post performed, and a link to the post so you can check it out “in the flesh”.

Pretty sweet.

You've made it to the bottom.

You want hooks? I've got hooks.

Hit " Buy This" now and start hookin'.

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Download The Hook Book, The Copywriter's Collection and The Creator Hook Pack Now.

The Hook Book
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The Creator Hook Pack
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The Copywriter's Collection
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Hook Writing Secrets
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THE HOOK BOOK V2 - Create LinkedIn Hooks That Actually Work

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