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Ready to Grow & Monetize your Linkedin?


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I offer 1:1 consulting for entrepreneurs who want to :

  • Grow to 10k+ on Linkedin
  • Generate $10k a month from inbound leads (ZERO selling)

You'll learn the methods I used to grow to 50,000 Linkedin followers in one year, and generate highly qualified leads every time I post.

Consultations are strictly limited to 10 clients per month.

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A little context...

I started on Linkedin in January 2022.

Less than two years later, I have amassed an audience of over 85,000.

I earn $20k+ each month from digital product sales and consulting.

What I teach works.

If you are willing to put the work in, I can give you the tools to create results like this.

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Had a post reach over 100,000 people

“Within just one month of working with Sam, I increased my following on LinkedIn by over 1500 and had a post reach over 100,000 people. My previous best was 20,000. Sam knows his stuff, he jam packs his work with value, and he’s also a really nice guy. Work with him, you won’t regret it.”

  • Tamsin Simounds

3 leads within 48 hours

"Within 48 hours of making the profile changes Sam suggested, I booked my first speaking gig, and received 3 promising inbound leads. Total gamechanger."

  • Tony Albrecht

"Invited to speak on an AI panel"

"After my call with Sam, I got 8K impressions on my post (3X more than ever before), plus an invitation to participate as an AI expert in a prestigious AI panel and another invitation to make a chapter contribution as an AI pricing expert! I would highly recommend working with Sam!"

  • George Boretos

"Practical Recommendations"

"Sam did a great job analyzing my profile and content on LinkedIn. He took my LinkedIn profile apart and pointed out elements that need work. He gave very practical recommendations and solutions that I was able to implement immediately after I received his report."

  • Mike Koziol

"Level Up your Linkedin"

"Sam is a Linkedin expert. After our call, he shared many resources to help me move forward. I would highly recommend working with Sam if you want to level up your Linkedin."

  • Metin Senler

"Detailed and Action Oriented"

“Sam helped me level up my LinkedIn profile. He challenged me, and made me think about how to make it more compelling. His prep was very detailed and action oriented, which I liked. I would recommend Sam 100%”

  • David Clancy

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Linkedin Strategy Workshop

The Strategy Workshop is my signature consulting package.


I'll upgrade every part of your LinkedIn profile including:

Banner // Profile Pic // Tagline // Web Link // Featured Section // Experience Section


I'll show you all the LinkedIn Lead Touchpoints where you can create CTAs for prospects to take action and learn more about working with you. This is how I generate over $20k per month with LinkedIn, with ZERO selling.


I will rewrite 2 of your LinkedIn posts in full, and give you a detailed breakdown of what I've changed, and why, so you can replicate my techniques from this point on.


I'll create a minimum 20 unique LinkedIn post ideas for you, your niche and your goals.

Ready to get started?

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Grow & Monetize your Linkedin - Work with Me 1:1

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